What is a tax refund?

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2 BENEFITS Ø Interna.onal travelers are going to receive 8.9% back on their shopping in Mexico Ø It s an easy and fast process and they will get their money back directly on their credit card Ø Jewelry and sunglasses are the most bought items while on vaca.on Ø Cruise passengers are the high end spenders for shopping in Mexico

3 What is a tax refund? Ø Value Added Tax (VAT) is a sales tax on the product. In Mexico the sales tax is always included in the total prices. Ø Worldwide, this sales tax is between 16% and 25%, depending on the country. Ø This tax is used for social benefits for residents in each country, and therefore reimbursed to interna.onal tourists who do not live there, and take the products home to their own country. Ø MONEYBACK is the tax refund company leader in Mexico.

4 How was this ini.ated? Ø During the 80 s, in order to boost tourism, some European Countries explored various op.ons. One of the most successful op.ons was to give the VAT back to the tourists when leaving the country. Ø Ever since then, this has been implemented in over 40 countries worldwide. Ø In December 2007, the Mexican Government authorized this program for foreigners shopping in Mexico, giving back the larger part of the VAT charged on products. Ø In 2009 MONEYBACK processed 190 refunds; in 2014 there were almost 72,000 refunds

5 Three easy steps: Shop at a MONEYBACK affiliated store and request an invoice Bring your passport to the MONEYBACK module at airports, piers or shopping malls In 45 days you ll receive 8.9% of your MONEY BACK in your credit card

6 How does it work? Ø MONEYBACK has more than 6,000 affiliated stores, which can be iden.fied by our logo at store windows or next to the cashiers desk. Just shop and ask for the official invoice. Ø This benefits all interna.onal tourists arriving to Mexico by plane or cruise ship Ø Tourists can find promo.onal material at the concierge desk at many hotels, shopping malls, travel agencies, airports, etc.

7 Rules and regula.ons: Ø Buy in affiliated stores Ø Ask for your invoice with the VAT specified Ø Purchases must be greater than $1, pesos ($83 USD aprox.), with no limit when paid by credit card. No minimum with cash, but a maximum of $3,000 pesos ($200 USD) Ø Only applies to items you can take with you when leaving Mexico (services not included) Ø Present passport, immigra.on form (FMM), boarding pass or cruise ship ID, invoices and credit card vouchers at a MONEYBACK office Ø Aier 45 days from leaving Mexico, you will get the refund directly reimbursed to your credit card (Visa and Master Card preferred)

8 TRAVEL AGENTS: Advise your clients on how to get 8.9% of their money back and WIN! 1. Register your Travel Agency or Company - Mee.ng and Wedding Planners- at in the Travel Agent sec.on 2. Download the Shopping Incen.ve Refund Form 3. Fill out the Refund Form with your name and your Travel Agency name, and with your clients informa.on, and send it to your clients before they travel to Mexico 4. Ask your clients to print and sign, and get ready to SHOP and SAVE

9 TRAVEL AGENTS: Advise your clients on how to get 8.9% of their money back and WIN! Star.ng in April 2015, the last day of each month MONEYBACK will select, randomly, a winner within all of the Refund Forms containing Travel Agent names. The more clients we receive from your Travel Agency, the more chances you have to WIN unique prizes at our monthly raffles!

10 SHOPPING INCENTIVE REFUND FORM / INCENTIVO DE COMPRAS FORMATO DE REEMBOLSO FOLIO: REQUEST DATE / FECHA DE SOLICITUD: TRAVEL AGENT/AGENCIA DE VIAJES: CONTACT/CONTACTO: M ONTH/MES D A Y / D Í A YEAR/A Ñ O The acceptance of the refund is subject to due compliance with the requirements set out in the "Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal". Also the acceptance is subject to that the applicant presents itself with the dealership. La procedencia de la devolución está sujeta al debido cumplimiento de los requisitos previstos en la Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal y que el solicitante de la devolución se presente ante la concesionaria. TOURIST DETAILS / DATOS DEL TURISTA Name / Nombre: REFUND / REEMBOLSO ADAMANT CORPORATION, S.A. DE C.V. Cordillera de los Andes 240 Lomas de Chapultepec, C.P México D.F. CONTACT/CONTACTO Phone / Teléfono: NOTAX + 52 (55) (55) Last Name / Apellido: / Correo electrónico: / Correo electrónico: Home Adress / Dirección Particular: City & Postal Code/ Ciudad & Código Postal: Credit Card / Tarjeta de Crédito Bank Name / Nombre del Banco Card / Tarjeta Passport Num. / No. de Pasaporte: State & Country / Estado & País: Issuing country / País emisor: Telephone number/ Número telefónico: Date of departure / Fecha de salida del país: I agree with the conditions on the reverse / Estoy de acuerdo con las condiciones del reverso. Customer s signature / Firma turista Air or Cruise Line (name and number) / Línea Aérea o Embarcación (nombre y número): Make sure you have available the following documents when presenting this Reimbursement Form: Passport, copy of your Immigration Form (FMT and / or cruise ID), Invoices, Vouchers, Boarding Pass, Credit Card Number where the reimbursement will be made. Asegúrate de llevar contigo los siguientes documentos al presentar este formato de devolución: Pasaporte, copia de la Forma Migratoria (FMT y / ó ID Crucero), Factura, Vouchers, Pase de abordar y Número de Tarjeta de Crédito.

11 MONEYBACK Offices: COZUMEL Cozumel Airport Punta Langosta Shopping Mall Royal Village Shopping Mall Puerta Maya Pier Forum Shops Diamond Interna.onal stores LOS CABOS Los Cabos Airport Terminal 2 Luxury Avenue Diamonds Interna.onal Pier Diamonds Interna.onal Downtown CANCUN Cancun Airport Terminal 2 & Terminal 3 La Isla Shopping Mall Luxury Avenue Shopping Mall Las Plazas Outlet Ultrajewels Twins 5th Avenue Playa del Carmen

12 MONEYBACK Offices: MEXICO CITY Airport Mexico City Terminal 1-3 offices Terminal 2-2 offices Antara Shopping Mall Premium Outlets Punta Norte Las Plazas Outlets Lerma Paseo Interlomas Shopping Mall Santa Fe Shopping Mall Sears Forum Buenavista PUERTO VALLARTA Puerto Vallarta Airport Mayan Palace Hotel Tanzanite Puerto Diamonds Interna.onal Malecon Pier

13 MONEYBACK Offices: AIRPORTS Monterrey Guadalajara Acapulco Ixtapa Loreto Merida Leon (new) Toluca (new) Queretaro (new) PIERS Costa Maya / Majahual, Q. Roo Mazatlán, Sin. (new) Puerto Chiapas (new) Progreso, Yuc. (new) Ensenada, B.C. (new) CITIES Puebla Cuernavaca

14 Contact informa.on: George Cruz Customer Service Manager Mexico City Clara Torres Márquez US Representa.ve New York, NY Adi.onally, our website has detailed informa.on in over 10 different languages